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The Messenger

Release date: 8/29/2018
No. of Players: 1
ESRB rating: 10+
The Messenger - Are you searching for a new game to try on your Nintendo Switch? Look no further than "The Messenger." In this article, we'll be giving our honest opinion of this highly-rated title.
Gameplay Review
"The Messenger" is an action-packed, retro-styled game. You play as a ninja tasked with delivering a scroll to save your clan. Along the way, you'll come across enemies and obstacles which must be conquered using only your ninja skills. The game boasts both 2D and 3D elements for added immersion during gameplay.
One of the unique elements of "The Messenger" is its time-traveling mechanic. As you progress through the game, you'll have the ability to travel back and forth in space, altering both gameplay and storyline accordingly. This adds another level of complexity and keeps things exciting!
Sound Review
The audio design in "The Messenger" is outstanding. The soundtrack showcases retro-style music that fits perfectly with the game's atmosphere. Furthermore, all sound effects have been masterfully executed to add to an immersive gaming experience.
Graphics Review
"The Messenger" offers nostalgic 8-bit and 16-bit style graphics. The pixelated visuals add to the charm, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. Furthermore, the game's environments and character designs have been masterfully crafted for maximum immersion within the experience.
Control Review
The controls in "The Messenger" are intuitive and smooth. The game utilizes both Joy-Con controllers and the touch screen on the Switch for certain actions, making them user friendly to learn as you progress through levels. Plus, its tutorial system does a great job explaining various mechanics as you go along!
Replay Value
"The Messenger" offers high replay value due to its time-travelling mechanic and challenging gameplay. Even after you finish the game, there are still secrets and collectibles left for you to uncover. Plus, The Messenger features a New Game+ mode that adds extra challenges and content into the experience.
In Conclusion
Overall, "The Messenger" is an outstanding game for the Nintendo Switch. Its nostalgic-style graphics and soundtrack, combined with its unique time-traveling mechanic, set it apart from other titles on the platform. We highly recommend giving it a try; we think you'll find it to be both enjoyable and challenging!
Supported play modes:
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Price: $19.99Get it
Price: $19.99Get it

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