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Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Release date: 12/6/2018
No. of Players: 8
ESRB rating: 10+
Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Are you up for some intense battles? Super Smash Bros Ultimate is an acclaimed fighting game that has revolutionized the genre. Boasting an extensive roster of characters, stages and game modes on Nintendo Switch, this title provides a thrilling gaming experience like no other.
Gameplay Review
Super Smash Bros Ultimate offers a variety of game modes, such as classic mode, adventure mode and online multiplayer. Each provides its own unique experience and hours of enjoyment. Plus, with over 80 playable characters to choose from - such as Mario and Donkey Kong classic favorites plus Simon Belmont from Castlevania plus new additions like Simon Belmont from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Super Smash Bros Ultimate challenges players to engage in intense combat on various stages using attacks, special moves and items. The aim is to knock your opponents off the stage and gain as many points as possible. With its fast-paced and intense gameplay, this fighting game is a must-play for anyone who appreciates fighting games.
Sound Review
Super Smash Bros Ultimate boasts excellent audio design. Each character has their own distinct sound effects to fit their personality and playstyle, while the music features remixes of classic video game tunes as well as brand new original songs. Together, these elements work to create an immersive and thrilling gaming experience for players.
Graphics Review
Super Smash Bros Ultimate boasts stunning visuals that are both detailed and vibrant. Characters and stages are beautifully rendered, while animations are smooth and fluid. Furthermore, players have the option to play in either handheld or docked mode so they can enjoy the game's visuals in whatever way works best for them.
Control Review
Super Smash Bros Ultimate boasts intuitive controls that are simple to learn. Players can use a variety of controllers, such as Joy-Con, Pro Controller or GameCube controller. Each type offers its own distinct experience which players can customize according to their playstyle.
Replay Value
Super Smash Bros Ultimate provides an incredible replay value. With over 80 playable characters, multiple game modes and online multiplayer capabilities, there's always something new to do in the game. Furthermore, regular updates introduce new characters and stages so the experience remains fresh for an extended period of time.
Super Smash Bros Ultimate is an outstanding game that provides an excellent gaming experience. With its diverse characters, stages, and game modes, there's something for everyone. The sound and graphics are top-notch while the controls are intuitive yet user friendly. All in all, Super Smash Bros Ultimate should not be missed by fighting game fans or those who appreciate Nintendo's iconic characters. So don't wait any longer - grab your controller now and start brawling!
Supported play modes:
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