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Super Mario Odyssey™

Release date: 7/26/2017
No. of Players: 2
ESRB rating: 10+
Super Mario Odyssey™ - Super Mario Odyssey, one of the most beloved titles available on Nintendo Switch, has certainly caught your attention. Although I have not personally played it myself, as a language model I can provide an overview of what this game has to offer.
Gameplay Review
Super Mario Odyssey is a 3D platformer that follows Mario on his journey to save Princess Peach from Bowser. Along the way, you'll traverse various kingdoms each with its own challenges and obstacles. Plus, you'll have Cappy as your sidekick who will assist in navigating throughout the game.
One of the most captivating aspects of Super Mario Odyssey is Cappy's ability to capture enemies and objects, giving him control over them so you can use their powers for puzzle solving and progress through the game. The gameplay is intuitive and accessible, making it suitable for players of all skillsets.
Sound Review
Super Mario Odyssey boasts stunning audio design, with catchy tunes and effects tailored to the game's theme. The music changes depending on where you are in the environment, adding to an already captivating experience of this immersive title.
Graphics Review
Super Mario Odyssey's visuals are stunning and showcase the power of the Nintendo Switch. The vibrant, colorful worlds come to life through meticulous attention to detail in environments and character design - adding to its charm.
Control Review
Super Mario Odyssey boasts user-friendly and responsive controls, which is essential for a game requiring precise movements. The Joy-Con controllers support various gameplay styles like handheld mode or TV mode, giving players the choice to choose which option best suits them when playing the title.
Replay Value
Super Mario Odyssey boasts a high replay value, with plenty of secrets and hidden areas to discover. Furthermore, the post-game content will keep players engaged for hours after they've finished the main storyline.
Super Mario Odyssey is a must-play for Nintendo Switch owners. With its captivating gameplay, stunning visuals, and catchy tunes, players are sure to be engaged for hours on end. Whether you're an old fan of the Mario franchise or new to it all together, Super Mario Odyssey makes for an excellent addition to any Switch library.
Supported play modes:
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