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OlliOlli World

Release date: 2/7/2022
No. of Players: 1
ESRB rating: 10+
OlliOlli World - Are you up for an exhilarating skateboarding journey? If so, look no further than OlliOlli World, the latest addition to Nintendo Switch's gaming library. We had the chance to test it out and are happy to share our honest review with you.
Gameplay Review
OlliOlli World is a side-scrolling skateboarding game that promises an engaging and challenging gaming experience. As you begin the adventure in Radlandia, you'll meet engaging characters and explore vibrant environments. The game features five distinct worlds each with their own challenges and obstacles to conquer.
As you progress through the levels, you'll need to perform various tricks and combos for points and unlock new ones. The gameplay is fluid and responsive, with easy controls that anyone can learn quickly. Tricks can be performed using simple button combinations; just remember to time them perfectly for success!
Sound Review
OlliOlli World boasts outstanding sound design. The music fits perfectly with the game's aesthetic, keeping players engaged throughout gameplay. Furthermore, sound effects are of top-notch quality which further adds to an immersive experience. Graphics Review
OlliOlli World boasts vivid, cartoon-style visuals. The environments are detailed and offer plenty of variety, from cityscapes to lush forests. Furthermore, the animations are smooth and well-executed, adding further to the appeal of this game.
Control Review
OlliOlli World provides intuitive controls that are user-friendly. You can perform tricks and combos with simple button combinations, while the gameplay is responsive and fluid.
Replay Value
OlliOlli World boasts high replay value, with plenty of challenges and levels to unlock. Plus, you can customize your character and skateboard for even greater incentive to keep playing.
Finally, we had a blast playing OlliOlli World on the Nintendo Switch. It's an engaging skateboarding game with stunning visuals and sound design, plus fluid gameplay that's easy to pick up and play. Plus, with its high replay value, OlliOlli World is definitely worth trying out for those into skateboarding games - so why wait? Download it now and get ready to shred!
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