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Release date: 6/15/2017
No. of Players: 4
ESRB rating: 10+
Arms™ - Are you up for the fight? We have the latest game for you - none other than Nintendo Switch hit "Arms." It promises to test your reflexes and sharpen up your skills in this visually stunning title. We've played it ourselves, so here is our honest review of it.
Gameplay Review
"Arms" offers an engaging gameplay. You play as a fighter with extendable arms, and your objective is to defeat opponents in one-on-one combat. The controls are straightforward and intuitive - simply dodge, punch or grab for victory!
What sets "Arms" apart from other fighting games is its motion controls. Players can physically move the Joy-Con controllers to direct punches, adding an extra level of immersion. Plus, with various game modes like Grand Prix, Versus, and Party Mode available for players to explore, there's sure to be something that keeps them engaged throughout every match.
Sound Review
The audio design in "Arms" is outstanding. The punches and grabs sound realistic and satisfying, while the background music encourages viewers to join in the fight. Furthermore, each character's voice acting has been skillfully done, adding personality and charm to each fighter.
Graphics Review
"Arms" boasts stunning visuals, with vibrant and vivid visuals that pop out from the screen. Each fighter has unique designs and animations which add to the charm of this title. Furthermore, stages are well-designed with interactive elements which can be used for an edge over opponents.
Control Review
"Arms" offers responsive and user-friendly controls thanks to its tutorial mode. While the motion controls take some getting used to, once mastered it feels like you're actually in the ring! Furthermore, players have the option of customizing their control scheme for more comfortable gameplay.
Replay Value
"Arms" offers high replay value with online and local multiplayer options that let you play with friends or other gamers from around the world. Plus, there's plenty of unlockable content like new fighters, arms, and stages so players will keep coming back for more.
Finally, we thoroughly enjoyed playing "Arms," finding it to be both entertaining and addictive. With its unique gameplay, motion controls, and charming visuals, this title is a must-have for Nintendo Switch owners. We highly recommend this game to anyone who appreciates fighting games or wants to try something different - so don't wait any longer - grab your Joy-Con controllers and join the battle in "Arms!"
Supported play modes:
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Price: $59.99Get it
Price: $59.99Get it
Price: $59.99Get it

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